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Should Rowledge have its own Parish Council?
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Petition handed to Waverley Borough Council.
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Consultation Questionnaire Issued
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Questionnaire Results and Comments Published
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Second Round Consultation Voting Form Issued
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Official Results of Vote Issued
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The Last Hurrah!
Waverley Borough Council agreed with recommendation
of The Executive to take no further action on the Petition
at meeting on 18 February 2014

Rowledge - Remote from Civilisation?

An illustrated history of Rowledge by Roy Waight.

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Rowledge Walks

Have you ever walked along the banks of the rivers Wey and Bourne as they flow through the village? Have you followed all the footpaths between Rowledge and the Bourne or behind Forest Lodge? A set of 12 self-guided walks have been produced by Roy Waight and Phil Thomas to guide you around unknown parts of Rowledge village.

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