Chapel Road Resurfacing
Information Update 15 September 2016

Statement from Surrey County Council

“Surrey County Council regret to inform the Rowledge Residents Association that the planned resurfacing of Chapel Road will now be delayed until January/February 2017. This is due to several unforeseen circumstances, combined with a late Street works application from Virgin Media to carry out repairs to their apparatus situated within Chapel Road. Unfortunately, due to the poor condition of the existing carriageway, the proposed new buff strip ‘virtual footway’ will now be delayed until the resurfacing has been completed, when it can be applied to the new road surface after the curing process. Surrey County Council apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused”.

The reality is that due to likely weather conditions, the resurfacing operation will be delayed until the Spring and the buff strip installed some weeks later.

Since the meeting at Rowledge School on 27 April concerning Road Safety in the village and subsequent consultation process at the May Fayre, meetings have been held with Surrey Highways to discuss measures to reduce speeds through the village and campaigning eventually for a 20 mph limit in the core of the village. These proposals are being discussed at the Task Group Meeting in November 2016. Councillors Pat Frost and Wyatt Ramsdale are also supportive of our proposals.

In order to make the 20 mph limit work, we need the cooperation of Hampshire Highways. We have requested onsite meetings with Mr Martin Wiltshire, Assistant Manager – Traffic & Safety, Economy, Transport and Environment Department, Hampshire County Council , but we have not yet been successful in that endeavour.

If you wish to monitor the progress of work in Rowledge you can access information on and select a time frame, in this case 1 year.

Peter Stephens
On behalf of Rowledge Road Safety Group.